From Tot to Teen – Baby Gifts That Can Be Treasured

Having a new baby in the family can turn your domestic routine on its head in no time. The dishes stack up in the sink, the vacuuming loses all importance despite the fact that your carpets are fast becoming an alternative modern art form with a life of their own, your personal appearance takes a downward slide and the idea of wholesome meals become a distant but fondly remembered family event.

However, it does not take long to accommodate the new baby into your daily pattern, as you find that sleeping is once again an option for all who reside under your roof, and you find that your organisational skills soon return. Once you find that you do have time to think, you can consider marking the little love’s arrival with a special baby gift. You will have received some lovely gifts already from family and friends, but you feel that it is fitting to mark the occasion with a baby gift to your child that can be cherished forever. We all have our own baby keepsake of some kind or other, perhaps a gift from a godparent, grandma or grandpa, or great aunt, and we do accumulate special memories through these items. I have a ragged old teddy that looks as though she should be in an antique shop window, but no matter how aged she and I both appear, I would not be without her.

There are so many lovely keepsake baby gifts ideas for you to think about giving, but each one will hold sentimental value for your child as he or she grows older. This kind of baby gift is perhaps the most difficult type of gift to choose, particularly as you recognise the fact that it will be a part of your young baby’s life for ever.

When you look at your new baby and his or her cute little feet, it is hard to imagine them growing into size 7s stuffed into a pair of chunky walking boots or killer heels, and so to keep the memory for yourself and to let your son or daughter realise just how cute and tiny they once were, a Wood Frame Baby Casting Kit will preserve the memory for all time. This lovely gift consists of all the bits and pieces, paint and frame required to produce a stunning keepsake that can be hung on the nursery wall. You can make up to 8 casts of little feet and hands and display them in a box frame, with a choice of 4 different frame styles including distressed or silver finish, traditional antique pine or smooth light oak pine finish. A beautiful gift that will be unique to your child, it will be something that you will be proud of.

An Engraved Pewter Baby Cup makes a beautiful and traditional baby gift, popular as a Christening present or for other special ceremonies and will mark the occasion in style. This attractive pewter cup can carry a personalised engraved message, making it a quality baby gifts keepsake. how to travel with a baby

If you are the sentimental type, and I think we all are when it comes to marking the occasion of a new birth, the Framed and Mounted Personalised Poem for a new baby makes a thoughtful and heartfelt baby gift. Presented in a stunning frame, a 26 line personalised poem from you to your baby sits next to a selection of up to 5 sweet photos of your angel child, making it the ideal baby gift to keep forever.

A gorgeous baby gift for a Christening is the Embroidered Personal Christening White Fleece Blanket. The attractive feature that makes it that little bit more special is the embroidered gold cross and it is personalised with Christening date, baby’s name and date of birth. Baby may only be using this until he or she grows a little, but a Christening blanket is something that many of us cherish all our lives.

When your child reaches the stage where tiny milk teeth are replaced by the big guys, you will want to keep that first baby tooth somewhere safe, and not just stuffed away in a drawer to be lost or forgotten. A Twinkle First Tooth Engraved Silver Keepsake baby gift includes a drawstring bag and attractive baby tooth holder, engraved with a personal message, in a lovely presentation box.

Or if you prefer to keep a lock of baby’s soft fluffy hair after that first hair cut, a First Curl Engraved Keepsake baby gift also has the drawstring pouch holder to which you can add your personal message, and presentation box.

For all those hungry yet stylish young baby gift collectors, a Twinkle Egg Cup, Spoon and Napkin Ring makes a wonderful baby gift to use and cherish. This silver plated baby gifts set is presented in a lovely box and the napkin ring can be personalised with your own message.

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