The Rise of the Gourmet Pizza/Wine Bar

Become the maestro of the beverage at your own home bar or portable bar. If you like the formal style of bar stool or home bar Pulaski upholstered bar stools, backless bar stools, wood or metal or modern plastic bar stools can be found.

Think Retro, think Cambro and cocktails of Rob Roys and Gin Fizzes and neon signs. Think modern think…stainless steel, black molding, modern plastics and the latest martine combo. Brass Rails like in those classy old time pre-Probition era for the bar stool or home bar are available, so that you can serve the suds from taps or from the refrigerator below. Want to be the epitome of a bartender, think bars with sinks, bottle holders, ice chest, spinners and more, where you can make even the most complicated Irish car bomb drink possible! 호스트빠

Great for wine parties, Holiday parties, home bars or portable bars will make even your sporting events better talk of the town. In the morning make it a coffee bar meeting or consider inviting friends and family for an ice cream social sitting front and center at your home bar. Teak woods, cedar woods, hardwoods metals and plastics are available.

Patio Home Bars are becoming more and more available for those warm summer and fall days and evenings. You can focus on wine tasting with your wine bar, keeping your wine collection in portable wine cellars or wine stacks. Domestic or imported, whites, reds, sparkling wines all ready to serve at your own home bar. Always remember…even the best maestro of the home bar knows moderation is key.


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