Tips For Safer Children’s Rooms and Toddler Bedding

Every parent wants to create the most comfortable and safe surrounding for his child. There are many important aspects to take into consideration when designing your kids’ bedroom. Many accidents can happen in a child’s room and many of those accidents can be easily prevented by taking a few simple steps. It’s frightening to think how almost innocent items such as kids tables and chairs, toddler bedding, toy chests and toddlers furniture can become dangerous to your child.

Every year, kids around the world suffer severe injuries due to careless placing of bookshelves, infant crib bedding, toddler bed and furniture. One of the most important things you can do is secure any free standing furniture to the wall in order to prevent them from falling.

On the same note, remember that when children start to walk they’ll hang and latch on to everything they can in order to pull themselves up. So make sure you get only sturdy kids table and chairs that will not flip easily.

Keep wall decorations to the minimum and avoid from hanging any heavy framed pictures or items that can easily break and turn into serious hazard.

Cover all electrical outlets and hide all cables. There are many fun and creative ways to hide and conceal the above, but never make them too tempting for the child to come and play with.

Remember to lock and secure all windows. Install child proof locks on windows but remember to leave enough ventilation – ceiling air fans which move air through the room can bring fresh air into the room.

Remove inside locks from doors so the child will not lock himself inside by mistake.

Cover the floors with rugs. Carpets can cushion falls and isolate extreme temperatures. Just make sure all rugs and carpets are secured to the floor with anti-slip pads or stickers. peppande citat 

Is it time to move out of the toddler crib bedding? If your child starts climbing out of the toddler bed, you should think about getting him/her a regular bed. You don’t want to risk them falling out.

Like in every room in the house, install smoke detectors in your child’s room just in case a heater goes bad.

Choose toddler furniture that has smooth edges that will not impose a risk when your kid is running around.

When painting the room, make sure the paint is free of toxins and lead that can harm the child biological development.

All of the above are only small steps towards a much safer room. In addition, one of the most important things to remember when designing a room for your child is to go with long lasting kids tables and chairs and toddler furniture, and never choose anything too childish that will be outdated as soon as your kid grows up.


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