Why An IT Data Recovery Plan Should Be A Priority

IT professional’s mistakes, such as accidental erasure, can be costly for companies. Some mistakes may be preventable with the right tools. Still, a data loss can have unintended consequences on a business’s reputation in addition to losing sensitive data. Planning may alleviate this problem, even though cost may keep some businesses from fully being implemented.

According to one poll, man-made disasters affected 10 percent of smaller businesses. Closer to 30 percent of small businesses are affected by natural disasters. A simple power outage can bring a business down and cost a smaller business to fail. According another study, roughly 6 percent of businesses that suffer a catastrophic data do not survive. Recovering data from hard drive This is why businesses should not wait to develop a data loss recovery plan when they need it. Did you know that 43 of the businesses that suffer a catastrophic data can loss never reopen? If they do reopen, businesses that have had to close because of a huge loss of data close within two years.

Four reasons why you really need data protection

Machines and hardware can fail. MAC hard drive recovery are not fool proof, the platters and heads on a hard disk drive can fail. No device has a perfect record. This is why the manufacturer’s recommended rate of reads/writes is only estimation.


  • Skipping a step in data backup can make data recovery impossible. However, security breaches can also be problems for businesses that need reliable data recovery services.
  • Customers demand perfection because they do not want their sensitive data stolen. Customers demand perfection because they know another company will be willing to provide better service and products.
  • Keeping customers after a data loss can be costly. This can be more costly than actually finding new customers. Reacquiring a customer after a data loss may be more next to impossible because it takes a great deal to regain a customer’s trust that their most sensitive information is safe. Did you know that most IT disasters are unacceptable to customers? data recovery specialists
  • It is less expensive to have a data recovery plan and prevent data loss before it occurs. Companies can do many things to prevent data. An ideal protection plan may be to have production servers at a top tier data centre with single point of failure of a network. In order to protect data, a company should keep their data off-site 45 miles away. This will ensure that most companies will be safe from man-made and natural disasters.


Does your company have a data loss recovery plan? Have you ever erased a line of data and caused loss? It may be good to know that at Maiden Head Data Recovery, we can help you recover sensitive information before it is permanently erased and no professional can retrieve it. We offer a no fee policy if we do not recover your data.


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